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      • I am writing from the diocese of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. I was ordained a priest on January 6, 2007. I had monastic experiences and I wish to be a hermit. I was born in Cuba but I am an U.S.A. citizen. Please, let me know if it is possible.

  1. My wife and I are in the Secular Order of Jesus Mary and Joseph, the first order created in the Divine Will and we are isolated members into hermitage and we also pray for the coming of the Warning and World Peace and for all people who will make their Particular Judgement this day and for all babies to be born into the Divine Will this day.

    • Yes it is wonderful indeed. I’m very blessed in my vocation and in the Diocese I’ve been called to serve!
      But the whole world is really the hermit’s family.
      I’ll be praying for you and your calling. Please keep me in your prayers too! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. This message is for Elio R. Morejon. Father Eleio, you might be interested in the Carmelite Hermits of Texas, which you can find on their website of this name. This laura of hermits was founded by a Cuban priest. God bless!

  3. Dear sister,

    Please ensure that I am on your distribution of any posts that you make. And please pray for my apostolate works, at http://www.walkingwithourlord.wordpress.com and http://www.the battlecryblog.wordpress.com and my music ministry. I’m blessed to have a relationship of prayer and spiritual friendship with a holy hermit in Latrun in the valley of ayalon outside of Jerusalem, his name is brother Filippo. He’s from sienna, Italy and is a consecrated hermit under the direction of the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem. I have a home in the holy land as well as in the Philadelphia area. My heart and call is for evangelism, and if you would support by prayer my faith witness to the Jews and Muslims of the holy land I would appreciate this very much. Also I am active in two missions with two Catholic priests one of Tanzania, Africa and one in Lahore, Pakistan. We help the poor through various corporal works of mercy. These missions are called the medicines of mercy missions for Tanzania, and the peace and liberty foundation in Pakistan. Thank you for offering up prayers on our behalf. With love in the hearts of Jesus and Mary, your American sister in Christ, Ann AMMAR

    • Praying for you and your ministry, Ann Ammar, and for the Spirit’s guidance and blessing upon you.
      Please pray for me and for the intentions entrusted to my ministry of prayer. Thanks!

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