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2 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Grace and Peace to you Sister;

    I have wandered back and forth visiting your web site and blog wondering if I should leave a comment for you and also liking how you write. I live in Manitoba and am in the process of discernment of vacation to be a hermit. I have recently sent to my Bishop, Archbishop A. LeGatt, my plan of life and asked to be considered for consecration. That was a month or two ago. He replied not long ago and I will be having a meeting with him today. For this I ask for your prayers. Thank you.

    Peace be with you,

    • Thanks for your message, Brian.

      Many blessings on your meeting with your Bishop today. May God give him an open heart to receive the gift of your vocation into the (arch)Diocese.

      It was also a morning in Holy Week, years ago, when my Bishop surprised me during our meeting with finally accepting my request for eremitical profession. I had been “in waiting” for several years already living the life.

      I assure you of my prayers. Please pray also for me and for all the intentions entrusted to Emmanuel Hermitage. Thank you.
      In Christ,
      sr Maria

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