Apostle of the End Times Testimony I

On August 15, 2017 – Fr. Michel Rodrigue, fabl, Founder of the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict-Joseph Labre, and young companions, received, from the Bishop of Amos, Quebec, the religious habit for their new Community.

We are approaching the fulfillment of prophecy for the End-Times (which is different from the End of time or End of the World), and the Lord is giving us new prophets to help us navigate the troubled waters we are sailing.

Fr Michel Rodrigue, fabl, is one of those prophets.

This is the first of two videos of the conferences he imparted in October 2018 at a Mariam gathering in NJ  (See second video here).   First, Fr. Michel Rodrigue shares how he received from God the Order and Constitution to begin his religious Community. He then shares in detail his urgent private revelations about the Warning and the Final Battle we are to enter soon -the signs are all over, aren’t they?

Since the audio quality is limited, I’m including also a transcript of the conference, which I’ve taken and is available from http://wqphradio.org/2019/09/21/fr-michel-rodrigue-apostle-of-the-last-times-part2/ with some editing. 

As I thank WQPH radio for making this available, I also want to share their “disclaimer”: Father Rodrigue’s claims must be discerned by the listener.

(Please note that there is some confusion between Fr Michel video numbers and the corresponding transcript on the source Web page. The current link matches the transcript as of April 7, 2020. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please drop a line in the comments if the video or picture become unavailable again, and I’ll fix them. Thank you).



It is a special grace to be with you today, and for me, every time I accept to go somewhere, I ask The Father, the Eternal Father, -every time I say “father”, it’s the Eternal Father; my father is already in heaven, and my mother also-. This is why here on earth, I talk about the Father, He is the Eternal Father for everyone.

So every time that I come here I ask the Eternal Father. It’s Him who gave me the permission to come because it’s Him who have asked me in the year 2009 to have this new monastery there.

It happened during a Christmas time. When I got in the parish, we had no priests to celebrate on Christmas Eve. So I went there, and we had two masses.

One, the first Mass, we had already everyone, and suddenly, we had a Pentecost in this church. The people were completely touched and transformed by the gift of the Holy Spirit, and it was so electrifying, in that everyone seemed to be on fire, like me: I was.

Immediately after, we have the second Mass, and then, I would think that because I felt on this fire of love, I thought that the Father will give another experience of this Pentecost.

He gave, in another way, an experience: during the Mass when I was preaching, in the 3rd balcony of this church, I heard, “help me!, help me!”.

So I asked if we had a physician doctor there.

There were four, they were young, so they ran and they climbed, and they arrived before me. When I arrived, -I was probably like Saint Peter, when he ran to see the tomb of Jesus, because he thinks that somebody had taken the body of Christ. He went with Saint John. Saint John was young and ran faster, and Peter arrived [makes panting sound]. So when I arrived there, I was like him… probably. –

And suddenly I saw this lady there, laying down, and the doctor trying to reanimate her. After a while, he said to me, “it’s finished, Father.”

So I said [talking to Jesus??]: “how come it’s finished? How come she’s dead!! You cannot … do this tonight. This is Your birthday, this is the celebration of Your birthday, how come?”

If you were to ask me on another day which is the better day to die, I will say: Christmas! But at that moment, I couldn’t understand anything. It was out of my -how should I say- my boundaries.

I don’t know why, but I put my hands over her chest, and I said, “in the name of the Lord Jesus, come back!”

And I heard …[gasping sound of breath returning]. And she came back! But I forgot that I had the microphone on me, so when the sound went [gasping sound], it passed through the microphone and the church heard it.

So she was just dancing in front of me, saying “oh I’m so well, I am so well, Father, I’m so well.”

And I said, “you must go to the hospital.”

And she said, “ah, no, no, Father, I am well! I am well!”

And I said, “listen to me, you must go to the hospital, you will go there, they will find nothing, you will come back. And when you come back, the door of the church will open, and you will see the steam of the Saint Lawrence River entering the church, and you will pass through it, and you will receive the Holy Communion as an apparition.”

She looked at me, and went with the ambulance.

So, during the communion, I was finishing the line of the communion with the people, and suddenly…-you know this church is certainly 100 years old, and it has a big back door that was never opened. –  Suddenly we heard a crack: both doors open, and we could see the steam -because it was Christmas. -Christmas in Montreal, sometimes [unintelligible]- and so we could see the steam of the Saint Lawrence river entering in the church as a corridor in the middle of the church. And suddenly this lady arrived just in front of me to receive the Holy Communion. So I gave her the Holy Communion, and I said “wait here a little bit.” And I took and put in the tabernacle the Body of Jesus, and I came back to her. I took her with my hands, and I said, now we will go to the manger to thank the Lord. Everyone could hear that.

So we went there, we knelt in front of the manger, and we sang. We sang the song that was created by the Angel of the Lord when Jesus was born. Since that time this song is everywhere in the world. So we will stand and sing it together. This is the song of the Angels. It will always be there, until Jesus will come back…

[Priest and audience sing Glo-ooo-oo-oooo-ria in excelsis Deo….]

I see your angels, they are here, they are so happy, and they sang with us, I think we will sing again because they give so much joy…

Gloria in excelsis Deo!!

You know, when you sing this song, you give joy in Heaven. You can be sure that all your Guardian Angels sing with you.

You know something really nice? If you hear the song, nobody made a false note. It’s amazing! ..- the voice of …..who are with you.

So after this happened, I was returning to the Grand Seminary in Montreal.

Entering the road, I received the revelation of The Rosary of the Father: I could not stop saying the Our Father during the road. No matter, I was on the road to return to the Grand Seminary of Montreal, it was so strongly in me I could not stop. So at that moment He talked and revealed the Rosary of The Father:

So this Rosary existed before the Rosary of the Virgin Mary. It was in the beginning of the Church, for the people who could not read the psalms; they were saying the Our Father 150 times. And He gave me this Rosary. It was for me new information, so I had to make a research on this, and it was true. I found the historical part of the archive of the church that The Rosary of The Father existed. This is very nice.

After I returned to the Grand Seminary, and then I said to the Father, “Father, I must leave, because, You know, tomorrow I will have a long day.” It was Christmas, many masses to celebrate…

So I went to bed, and at 2:30 in the morning, -and since that time, every time St. Benedict Joseph Labre wants to talk to me, he comes at 2:30 in the morning.

And at 2:30 in the morning I was shaken in my bed, the bed was moving. And he was beside me: St. Benedict, St Benedict Joseph Labre!

At that moment I heard the Voice of the Father saying “stand.” So I stood.

But you know, I say today “the Voice of the Father”, but at the moment, the Voice was so…original. Everything seemed to originate from this Voice. At that moment I wasn’t sure if it was Jesus or the Father.

“Stand” -and His ready order- “go to your computer.” So I went to my computer and I sat. And He said, “listen, and write.”

So he gave me the Constitution of our Fraternity -that was accepted like that, without changing a word. Can you believe that? The Church doesn’t change a word on this! And you know something: we have just 3 Orders who have the Constitution given by the Father that I know of in the history of the Church, and we are one of the 3.

So at that moment, He was giving me the Constitution, and after a while, not only the word came, but the vision came. And He asked me to build this new Order, which will have two monasteries, one for women, and one for men. And He wants also this Fraternity of mine to be spread everywhere by renewing the Christian Catholic family by the teaching that we will give, and also by the rising of the spirituality in our Christian faith because we are so, so dumb, -you know-, sometimes.

There He gave me the branch for the family, the branch for the future priests, and the branch also for the consecrated people who will be our Sisters, or men acting by their consecration of life for Jesus in the world.

When I saw this thing, I became nervous. And I said to the Father: “I cannot do this, it’s too much, you know, it’s too much. Look at me, why not choose another, You have so many who are young and able to do it with capacity, You have many that are more intelligent than me, why are You choosing me? -I said, you know-, I’ve had 8 heart attacks, I’ve had 2 cancers already, I almost died….” -you know, He knows that! -… “I almost died and now You choose me,” …and suddenly…-you don’t have to do too much with the Eternal Father, I assure you-.

Suddenly, I was suspended into like a dust into the universe. I can see around me the planets, the galaxy. I can see all. It was gorgeous. The stars, and I was there, and the Voice said, “you, human race, that I have created with My love; you that the original sin has broken”.

-And you know, when He said that, I said [to myself] I will die, because every cell in my body was vibrating with His Voice. –

And suddenly I hear “Michel”. When I heard my name I was entering in the Heart of Jesus. And He said, “listen…look.” and all the vision came back, and He said: “everything that my Father asks you, exists already.”

I know that it was the Father, now, and I have the voice of Jesus and the voice of the Father; really distinct voices.

And when I was in the Heart of Jesus, I hear the beat of His Heart. And I hear also, the flowing, the flowing of His Blood through His heart. And these are, the first flesh in the intern of his heart was all the priests, bishops, and Pope, there. I can see them. And every time that the Blood passes, purifying them and make new life. And the second flesh of the Heart was all the baptized, and particularly they were the branches, people who consecrate their life to Jesus. The third flesh was all the baptized people. And the last part of Heart, the intern, was all humankind who exist on earth. And the external part was all creation, all the creation. So every time the Blood of Jesus passes and comes back it passes through everyone of you. And this is …. I cannot explain that.

When I hear Jesus saying “remember, you are just a servant.” I said, “yes Father, I will do it.” And I turned back behind my computer.

But He was telling and I was writing, but He goes so fast, I said “Father, You go too fast, I cannot follow You.” -You know I was able to type around 69 words per minute because I have a technique for that, but you know after a while I could not follow Him.- I said “You go too fast,” and He was a little bit humorous. I can hear Him laughing a little. And He slowed down so that I could follow Him.

I tell you this story because this is the beginning of the work of the Holy Spirit when He came for this creation of our new Fraternity. But the Holy Spirit comes often in your life.

First of all he comes by your being. You exist because of the gift of God. Nobody exists on earth without the permission of the Father. He is the one that creates your soul. His breath is given to you when your mom and your dad by love were united together in one body.

O! some people will say to me, Father I was raped, and the baby came. But I said to them, you know if the baby is there, it is there because of your love. And you can heal yourself through this baby. Every time you will see this baby you will see that he is there for you.

The rape is a violent thing, its an evil thing. Everyone who have suffered this must be healed and delivered from this experience, but at the same time this baby you bore will be always there for you until the time that you die, he will be like your shepherd sometimes.

So inside of this, the Father gave many things to us. The first thing was our existence. And He sent Jesus, He sent him because he saw humanity…. Remember the story of Abraham? Remember the story of Noah? He sent him because he knows that humanity will be crushed by the devil. So we are not fighting against humans, we are fighting against the devil’s spirit in the air, in the sea.

You know when I made exorcism with the Latin prayer, we exorcise the spirits of the air, of the sea, of the earth, and of the fire. And every time we do it, we know that the battle is not with this person who is in need, because for this person, the Kingdom of God arrived to deliver her or him.

But you know something, that we have the victory of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in our own life. How? By the second greatest gift that you receive: the new life of Jesus when you were baptized. Every baptized receives the new life of Christ.

You are all baptized, but we don’t think about that.

20:20You are made stronger to resist to the tempter when you are confirmed in the Holy Spirit, who comes in you. Saint Matthew said that; Saint Paul… And Jesus said before, We will come in you and We will make Our home in you. So you are a temple of the Holy Spirit by confirmation; the gift, the seal, and the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

You recognize now that you are gifted; you are gifted with the grace of the Lord. And when Jesus showed me all the baptized, He showed me the chosen ones that He had asked to be with Him for the others who doesn’t hear of him.

And this world this today is under attack. It was never like that in the past. It’s under attack by the devil one. The devil has managed during for several years now, I would say for almost 100 years. He started, and he’s almost finished.

20:46We will see the Final Battle soon. Satan has prepared a worldwide government through different nations. 10 of them at the beginning, but seven [others] was under the 10. They are the beast of the Apocalypse.

During this time he has prepared also the weapon to destroy 1/3rd of humanity. Now they are making it in laboratories.

Just three weeks ago it was on the news, they have taken the gene of a spider and have put it in pigs. You know the spider represents a Satanic symbol, and the pigs also. -I don’t say that the pigs are not good, but it’s a symbol for Satanic cult.

And with that, they said they will be resisting more the flu. But that is not the goal; this is what they say to make the people “Oooooh! Amazing!”

You know that the devil has the power to change something ugly as beautiful. The proof of that are we: Halloween. Everybody is out on Halloween, like “ahahahah!”

This is what he does when he wants us to commit sin; he proposes something bad. “Father, it’s just a little sin.” No!, it’s a SIN!, it can’t be ‘little’.

But every time you are looking at this you are seduced because it seems to be not-bad. He changed the thing. He plays in our psychology, he plays in our intelligence, he plays in our imagination. And he catches and grips us with our senses.

So when you are looking what’s happening now in the world: Satan has prepared this world to be under a big attack, and now we are almost entering in this time. This is why we are here today, because the Virgin Mary came so much and so often in the Church, she came by the gift the Holy Spirit, that the Holy Spirit is the soul of the Church. He sanctifies us, gives us everything that we need to follow Jesus. We invoke the Holy Spirit on the bread and wine that they may become for us the Body and Blood of Christ. It is the Holy Spirit.

And during several times the Virgin Mary appeared, particularly during … the Miraculous Medal which is the medal for the end of the bad-time. This is the end of the bad-time that I talk. The ‘end of time’ will happen ….[motions for further] ….. we will have some other years, you can be sure. But THIS time is the end of the bad-time.

The Miraculous Medal behind has 12 stars, and each star has to be on the side of the top of the Cross. Because the satanic cult, now, puts the star over the vertical arm of the Cross. This is not the miraculous medal, throw it out! The real one is the one made under the counsel of the Virgin Mary when She appeared in 1830 to Catherine Labouré in France.

After that we have many many, many apparitions: La Salette, Baumain, Bagneux, Potmain, Beaurein, and we have also in Ireland Our Lady of Knock, and we have in Guadalupe:

Guadalupe is one of the most important apparitions, I will say, for America. All America; Mexico, United States, and Canada. You know why? Because of the abortion.

When She appeared in Guadalupe, She asked them to stop the killing of the baby. And it was the reason why She appeared. And now we need Her as we have never in the past, because just in your country, we talk about a million babies killed every year. And in Canada, the same thing. This is terrible.

Satan acts now by abortion, by drugs… in Canada, the drugs are legalized, and they legalized marijuana, and they have not finished to write this law and voted it in September at the Chamber, that the day after, the Minister of Health announced that she’s looking–she’s reflecting to have every drug legal. Can you believe that?

Satan working. He acts also with euthanasia, to kill the elder, and to kill also the people who are not performing according their ‘boundary’ or characteristic.

Another fact, he has also prepared the nuclear war. It will come because of the lack …  of men of our baptized now, acting more under the influence of Satan than guidance of the Holy Spirit, it’s because of their sinful lives.

And he needs a head, a political head, to control this worldwide government; he needs also a false prophet to unify all the religions: and he will need him to sit on Saint Peter’s chair, because this is the final fight.

This fight is very important for him because of his pride. And this pride makes him so raging against the Catholic Faith, and he knows that Saint Peter had the promise from Jesus Himself that never will hell control the Church. And he wants to sit on this chair, he is burning for that, and is preparing everything for that.

This is why we have so many scandals in the Church now. He entered in the Church, the smoke of Satan entered the Church, Pope Paul VI said that. Entering the Church by the priests who were not dedicated enough for their vocation, by different kind of stuff.

And this is important. We must realize that this day is coming. And we must realize that the work and the announcement that we are doing today will be for you very important because you are here.

You know that during the Rosary -I will say that- the Virgin Mary came: She came with Saint Joseph. And I asked her when I was praying the Rosary why Jesus didn’t come. She just laughed, and said “you will see, you will receive Him in the Holy Eucharist.”

You know sometimes I am not enough intelligent; this is why She laughed.

We are all chosen by Heaven. Please, please, you are not alone! You have a Guardian Angel with you.

Your Guardian Angels asks of you -through my humble person- they ask you to think of them, because we have our lives without thinking so much of our Guardian Angel. He is there in everyday. It is him who brings the light in your heart when Jesus wants to talk to you, to give you good decisions, good discernment, to give you how to act, what you have to do, if you want to please God, what it is today that I can do with the grace that you receive, he carries for you, he is the messenger for you from the Heart of Jesus, and from all the Holy Family, and from all the Holy Trinity. He brings this grace in your heart. And sometimes you are doing something, and suddenly it comes. It came. You have light. How come? Because of your Guardian Angel.

So we must pray to our Guardian Angel.

33:30And the fact that we are about to reflect today, it’s the gift of the Holy Spirit for the Church, because He has not only sent the Virgin Mary; the Father has sent the Virgin Mary with Jesus and the Holy Spirit to us, but He has also made prophets among you to HEAR the Will of the Father in this time, in this particular time. This is important: The work of the Holy Spirit.

When I will come back I will talk about three major events in the Church, and I will talk about this before to give you the last message that he has given to me. So thank you.

5 thoughts on “Apostle of the End Times Testimony I

  1. Good afternoon Fr. Rodrigue
    Why are your prophecies about America and Canada only? Does God not remember us Africans? I am a South African and a Catholic. Has God given up on all the current Priests, except those in your order?
    God bless you.

  2. A blessed Easter to you, Nathi Makae.

    Please, notice that this Web has not access to Fr Michel Rodrigue.

    If you want to communicate with him you can contact his Fraternity as per this link:

    You may want to take a look at a recently created Web page which carries a lot of information relative to the times we are living in connection with Scripture and Catholic prophecy. This Web presents several hour long conferences of Fr Michel relatives to the End Times. It also has a number of writings of Fr. Michel published there with his permission:

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